Contests and events are open to the public. Priority will be given to participants who sign up online in advance. Walk-ins are not guaranteed to participate on the day of the due to space limitations. Please check-in at the pavilion 30 minutes before your contest. If you need more information prior to signing up, please contact us.

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11th Annual Kulinarya Cookoff at Pistahan “Desserts: What makes the Philippines so Sweet”

Which dessert represent the Philippines for you? Find out at the Pistahan Culinary Pavilion! For the first time in 20+ years of Pistahan, we will be having 2 contestants on each team - each day will focus on different teams. On Saturday, teams of Parents and their Kids will present their desserts, while on Sunday, Professional cooks will team up with their apprentices. The goal? Showcase new talent while highlighting the importance of passing on knowledge from one generation to the next. Sign up today!


This contest has grown in both participants and popularity with both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. Winners gain bragging rights for the whole year! Oh, yeah … balut is a fertilized duck egg. 


A fun and exciting speed-eating contest where the person who eats the most ube (purple yam) ice cream in three minutes is the winner! Brain freeze at its finest. Sponsored by locally-based Ramar Foods.


Test your taste buds and see if you can figure out what ice creams are what flavors. This “tasting bee” is like a spelling bee, but for ice cream! Sponsored by locally-based Heavenly Ice Cream. 



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