Pavilion Schedule

Times, presenters and activities subject to change. Follow us on Twitter @Pistahan for live updates during Pistahan weekend.

The Wells Fargo Heritage Pavilion is located towards the Mission Street side of Yerba Buena Gardens. Click image to embiggen.


News & Updates

We will be sharing the fantastic and rich history of our beloved Filipino dishes and indigenous ingredients. Come and get intimately acquainted with the farmers and how their humble beginnings contributed to our solid and well known cuisine today.

The culture goes beyond the unique tastes of our foods. Come and see how the depth of our people goes deeper than the rich soils of our land. Whose hands contributed to paving our heritage not only among our people, but throughout the world and its many different cultures.

Specialty coffees are now discovered among our many islands and are making a statement on the palates of people all over the globe. 2014 will be the first year that the Philippines will be exporting specialty coffee. Barako? Liberica? Arabica? We will share the story from seed to cup and direct you to a featured presentation at the Culinary Pavilion. From the hands and lands of the farmers to your cup … what are you drinking today?

Featured Exhibits

A Timeline of the farmers and their discoveries, efforts, and contributions will be displayed. This will include the origin of the most popular Filipino foods.

Community Diary: My Memories of Pistahan will be available for the public to add their wonderful memories.

Album of my favorite Pinoy Cuisine will be available for the public to share their beloved Pinoy foods and dishes

Special Guests (invited)

Pacita “Chit” Juan, President of Philippine Coffee Board & Co-Founder of EchoStore which promotes sustainability in the Philippines.

Chef Santiago Guerrero