The First-Ever Pistahan Parade Manny Pacquiao Look-Alike Contest

Here's our first contestant—Cute Boxer Manny.

Manny Pacquiao is awesome. Filipinos love him. The world loves him. To celebrate the PacMan, we are going to have a parade contingent of Manny Pacquiao look-alikes!

All are invited to dress up as any version of Manny Pacquiao. Young, old, guy, gal, Filipino, not-Filipino—everyone participating will march down as one boisterous group in the Pistahan Parade on Saturday, August 9th. The winner—chosen by public vote—wins $100.

So grow that hair out, get in Manny-style and represent the PacMan. You can use props, wigs, make up—all are fair game.

Here are the different sides of Manny Pacquiao. Choose one. Choose wisely.


Dapper Manny

Focused Manny

Lapu-Lapu Manny

Dr. Evil Manny

Serious Manny

Fighting Manny

Esquire Manny

Man of the People Manny

Patriotic Manny

Victorious Manny

Singing Manny

Praying Manny

Chill Manny

Basketball Manny

Hero Manny

Politician Manny

Intense Manny

Bored Manny

Defeated Manny (no! blasphemy!)