The 2015 all-volunteer planning team

The annual Pistahan Parade and Festival is a community-driven, all-volunteer project led by the Filipino American Arts Exposition.

Because team members are all volunteers, the makeup of the planning team changes every year. Members self-select and organize themselves organically, taking on responsibilities based on their interests and time in any given year. Many members of the planning team have been volunteers with Pistahan, in one capacity or another, for many years. 

The number in parenthesis next to their names reflects the number of years each member has given of their time, energy, expertise and resources to the success of the Pistahan Parade and Festival and to the celebration of Filipino culture and heritage.  

From top row, left to right:

Al Perez (Y13), FAAE President; Gerard Talampas (Y12), FAAE Vice President and Pistahan Parade Director; Genevieve Jopanda (Y10), Festival Director; Cyril Sola (Y19), Festival Logistics Director; Em Angeles (Y7), Festival Entertainment Director

Benilda Rosales (Y5), VIP Coordinator; Divina Videna (Y2), Parade & Community Outreach; Elaine Sung (Y4), Special Projects; Florence Mendoza (Y22) Dance Pavilion Project Manager; Francis Zamora (Y2), PR & Marketing

Genevieve Dwyer (Y5), Pistahan Wine Pavilion; Ian Panaszewicz (Y6), Special Events Team; Jeanette Adi (Y2), Health Pavilion Project Manager; Jinni Mabalot Bartolome (Y4), Community Outreach Team; Joe de Guzman (Y4), Festival Decorations Team

Joel Giron (Y5), Special Events Team; John Espiritu (Y5), Parade Team; Johnny Veloso (Y13), Parade Marshal, Jong Arcega (Y6), Photography Team, Kamal Ouchani (Y2), Exhibitor Booth Coordinator

Kat Mulingtapang (Y2), Heritage Pavilion Project Manager; Kharissa Fernando (Y3), EXPO Magazine Editor; Mariluz Ragasa (Y9), Special Events Project Manager; Michael Rosales (Y5), Entertainment Team; Moca Olaes (Y4), Volunteer Coordinator

Paule Tenchavez (Y13), Festival Decorations Project Manager; Pearl Parmelee (Y22), Hospitality Project Manager; Roe Martinez (Y7), Parade Team; Sherwin Arana (Y4), RC Drifting Team

Not pictured:  

Eugene Labadia (Y22), Stage Manager; Michelle Marcaida, Social Media Pavilion Manager; Charlene Manuel, Parade Team; Joe Manarang, Hospitality Team; Julian Chung (Y2), Parade & Community Outreach Team; Mark Aglugub (Y3), Parade Team; MJ Cordova-Ly (Y3), Culinary Pavilion Manager; Zard Apuya (Y1), Pistahan Tavern; Trisha Marco (Y2), Artist Check-in Coordinator